Can Ribes privileged location at the foot of the mountain chain of the Rocacorba , in the plaine of the " Pla de Estany " allows you to launch directly from here hiking and cycling different levels of difficulty . Even with the car there is a lot to discover. Popular destinations are e.g. Costa Brava , la ruta de los "Soldado de Salamina" , a visit to the monastery of San Esteban , el santuario del Collell ( War prison ) , las cuevas prehistóricas de Serinyà , la villa romana de Vilauba or the Romanesque church of Santa María de Camos .

The head of the region is the lake in Banyoles . In 1992, he hosted the rowing events of the Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona and the 2004 World Rowing Championships. The lake and its surrounding area is a nature reserve and have a unique flora and fauna. In Banyoles, visitors can go to Riegos , la laguna del Vilar , los sauces and paraje el Vilar visit . In addition, invite some strange looking places like the forest of Can Ginebreda , the museum of erotic sculptures and the way de Las centrales Serinyà in for a visit . Other attractions are:

The medieval corn mill Sant Miquel de Camp Major , the nature park " Las Estunes de Porqueres " or the source / the fountains of Pudora whose story begins in 1419 and continues in later centuries, when its water was famous for curing diseases . Biology lovers can visit the beach of " Espolla de aguas de subterráneas Fontcoberta " . If Espolla is full of water , there is a species of arthropods called " Triops cancriformis " The lake beach Espolla flow through a channel formed along with pools that Saltant Espolla (waterfall) make this place a cool and pleasant place to stroll.

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